Studies on allergies and immunology say that 1.2% of topical eczemas are due to reactions different from the fibers with which clothes are made of. Most of these eczemas are found in the areas where there is a high brush of the fabric against the skin, such as sides of the neck, armpits, waist, inner forearms, thighs, and the back of the feet. The studies concluded that textile fibers cause allergies only in exceptional cases, and there is only a small percentage of the population that may be sensitive to these types of reactions. Our fabrics are made with products made especially for the textile industry, by suppliers of the highest standards, where their raw materials are analyzed and certified as innocuous to human health, as well as our manufacturing process. We produce millions of meters of fabric every month for the garment industry, and we have never had any sort of case due to topical eczemas or dermatitis from contact with our fabrics.