Cedritos Store

Av 19 N° 134 - 62




Av 19 N° 134 - 62


Hours of operation

We inform you that we will be attending from Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. at 6 p.m. – only delivery


Route 1: Take 134th Street, eastbound, after descending the Auto Norte bridge, take the left lane to take Avenue 19th northbound and stay on the east lane. The store is located three blocks away, to the north, right after 134th Street.
(See map)

Route 2: Take Auto Norte northbound then take 134th Street to the east, taking immediately the left lane to turn on Avenue 19th, northbound.
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Route 3: If you are on 7th or 9th Avenue, take 134th Street to the west and then take Avenue 19th to the north.
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